Everything you need to know about preparing for Hysteroscopy

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Hysteroscopy procedure: Examine uterus from inside

The doctor uses the hysteroscopy procedure to check the inside of the woman’s uterus and examine the cervix area. The procedure helps to properly diagnose and treat various uterus problems. When you consult the gynae, she will analyze the problem in detail. Depending on the diagnosis, you are told if your condition demands you to undergo the Best hysteroscopy treatment in Punjab to improve your reproductive health.

Reasons to undergo Hysteroscopy procedure

There are a few cases where women experience extreme pain during periods, pelvic pain, and other conditions. The pain during menses may get so severe that she has to miss her work regime. Be it menses or pelvic pain; you need to urgently schedule a consultation with the gynecologist near you. Dr. Gursimran Kaur is one of the known gynae for Pelvic Pain treatment in Ludhiana.

Hysteroscopy procedure: Safe & Minimally invasive

Like any other procedure or treatment, it’s common for an individual to have different questions or doubts in their mind. To end that once and for all, Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive and safe procedure. What’s essential is to visualize everything, like the symptoms of abnormal bleeding and other underlying conditions. The gynae suggest the necessary course of action depending on the test results.

The patients with small fibroids, uterine polyps, and other problems are benefited. Moreover, the procedure does not require you to make any cut on the body, which means everything happens smoothly.

How is the hysteroscopy procedure performed?

With Hysteroscopy, the narrow telescope is inserted, with a light camera attached to one end. The instrument allows viewing the cervix and vagina properly. The hysteroscope camera attached to it will enable one to see the uterus by visiting the pictures correctly.

In total, the Hysteroscopy takes around 10 to 30 minutes to perform for diagnosis. In case there’s a need for treatment, then the time can vary accordingly. You can ask the doctor about the same during the initial consultation.

Is Hysteroscopy painful?

Undergoing Hysteroscopy is not painful. When it’s inserted, it’s normal to have discomfort and mild pain. Additionally, the doctor will tell you everything before the procedure, how to balance everything, and if there’s anything to follow before the procedure.

What are the indications of Hysteroscopy?

As mentioned above, the procedure works best for diagnosis and treatment. There are several conditions to use the procedure:

  • Uterine septums lead to malformations of the uterus present since birth
  • Adhesions lead to scar tissues in the uterus, affecting fertility and the menstrual cycle
  • Fibroids are non-cancerous growth present in the uterus

Final word

For more information about the procedure or get your reproductive health back on track, schedule initial consultation at our Gynae and Uro Clinic.