The Importance of Regular Gynecological Checkups for Women of All Ages

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We all say, “Prevention is better than cure,” but we don’t follow it.  Most women struggle with reproductive health problems; in the worst cases, they never come across the actual problem they are facing.

How can we reduce this number and save women from similar health issues? The answer is Annual Gynecological Checkups.

Every gynecologist suggests their patients visit them once a year, within which the doctor can perform a few tests to know more about their overall and reproductive health.

This will be an informative and must-read blog for all women to know the importance of regular Gynecological checkups for women of all ages.

What do you mean by Annual Gynecological Exam?

 An annual gynecological exam is performed with the help of a gynecologist, nurse, primary care physician, and physician assistant. Under this exam, various things such as birth control, sexually transmitted infections, vaginal infections, sexual functions, fertility, bone health, urinary leakage, and breast changes are discussed.

Several health issues like cervical cancer and more such diseases show no signs and symptoms in the female body. Hence in such cases, going for an annual gynecological exam is the most reliable option.

During the Annual Gynecological Checkup

 During the first stage of this checkup, your vital reports will be carried forward, including things like your blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, height, and many more. Once these checkups are done, a second stage will be carried forward, which includes breast checkups, pelvic exams, uterus exams, and many more.

Based on reports of these checkups, your Gynecologist in Punjab will discuss the treatment methods. Along with that, your doctor will also suggest you go for some lifestyle changes that you should follow.

When to start with Annual Gynecologist Checkups?

 Generally, it is suggested that the first gynecologist checkup should be done between the age of 13 to 15 years, but even if you could not take the right step at that time, then today is the right time.

Even if you have no signs and symptoms linked to your reproductive health, then also you should be taking a checkup as it will help you learn more about your body.

Here are a few concerns that you should talk about whenever you visit for a checkup:

  • If you have frequent pelvic pain and bloating, share it with your gynecologist
  • Let them know about all your missed periods
  • If you have ever faced abnormal bleeding or heavy periods
  • Painful intercourse
  • Unusual vaginal discharge
  • Any breast-related issues such as breast pain, lumps, and more


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