Laser surgery is making a significant mark in urology health care

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Laser surgery Urology


Medical science is advancing like anything. Everything keeps getting better and better, from the way to perform surgery to aftercare. And who would have thought there would be a treatment that allows the narrow and thin tube to pass through the body to rectify the problem or perform the surgery? With the latest plans and procedures, there’s a much more stimulated and improved way to address the concern.

Especially in the field of urology, there’s greater ease with everything as the methods have gotten a lot better, moreover, under the expertise of the urologist in Ludhiana.

Laser surgery is a most excellent means of giving the best possible care. And there’s the best tool to get the problem adequately addressed. Moreover, as the procedure has advanced a lot, the Laser treatment in Ludhiana makes a great choice to rectify the specific concern.

Laser surgery: Advanced and precise method

Laser surgery is a precise, less invasive, and high-precision method performed through laser. The use of lasers has become so widespread that its use is seen in a variety of medical fields. Additionally, the use of lasers requires greater care and skills. Therefore, only an experienced surgeon can do the same.

The laser accounts for three basic functions, which are the reason for its increasing demand in various medical sectors:

  • A laser can easily make a deep cut when targeted at a specific point.
  • The chances of surgical trauma have significantly gone down.
  • Moreover, it can quickly vaporize the tissue surface
  • The optical fibers offer greater ease in assisting the doctors what’s the issue inside

Also, lasers don’t cause a more significant risk to the body; that’s an essential requirement for any medical procedure. Being precise and minimally invasive has made it significantly exceptionally effective.

Laser use in various fields of Urology

The use of the laser is in different urology fields that are:

  • Holmium
  • KTP lasers
  • Thulium

The prime type ‘Holmium’ has been in the use of urology for many years. Additionally, its demand has seen to continuously rise with the time that it also has lithotripsy and correct the urothelial tumor that’s present anywhere in the urinary tract. Through the precise energy use for effective handling and doesn’t cause much stress or harm to the tissues.

Stone management improves with time

Stone management has improved a lot with time. The best surgical care has significantly made urology care treat various cases of stone complications. The doctor will check your condition and inform you about what to do.

Prostate surgery better results

Advanced and improved care in prostate surgery dramatically reduces urinary symptoms like problems starting urination, urgent need to urinate, slow urination, stopping & starting again, increased frequency at night, and much more. And all these symptoms are well taken care of through lasers.