Urologist Tips: What are the tips to prevent kidney stones in summer?

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With the summer weather, the problem of thirst and dehydration gets in excess. But the weather change won’t just lead to dehydration or thirst, also increase chances of kidney stones. It’s the diet you have or rising heat; the chances of kidney stones increase greatly. If you suspect you have a kidney stone, consult a known urologist in Ludhiana, Punjab, Dr. Jaspreet Singh Chhabra, to effectively manage the situation.

Tips to prevent kidney stones during summer

Tip 1: Increase water intake

You must keep your water intake high to ensure urine volume does not go down. Sweating leads to loss of fluid in the body. So, you must keep the urine volume high, and you need to drink water and fruit juices. 

Tip 2: Do not have a high amount of salt and sodium

Make sure to limit the coffee and salt intake. If you have an excess amount of sodium and salt daily, it’s likely to trigger an increased risk of calcium stone formation. So, don’t have much salt and sodium enriched food.

Tip 3: Include calcium-rich food

Many people think the chances of preventing calcium stones are less when they don’t have dairy products. Although, it’s suggested that the patients need to keep the right balance of calcium in their daily diet.

Please Note!

Along with food, you should take some multivitamins to boost the immune system. No doubt, these won’t eliminate the problem but are beneficial to improve or reduce the condition from worsening. Also, you should take any supplements or immunity boosters only after medical supervision.

Tip 4: Magnesium helps with cure and prevention

With magnesium, kidney stones are prevented. Make sure you ask the doctor which type of supplement you should include in your daily life.