What are lactation and its function? Learn all about it and more!

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It is a process of making human milk. You can Secrete human milk through your memory glands which are located in your breast. Lactation happens due to hormones, which are natural in those people who are pregnant. In some situations, we also noticed that lactation occurs in those who were not pregnant. Lactation will continue to happen as long as you remove the Milk from your breast.

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Where does human milk come from?

Human milk comes from the mammary glands inside your breast. There are several parts in this gland that work together to produce and remove milk.

● Alveoli

They are grape-like tiny sacs that help in producing and also storing milk. A Gynaecologist in Ludhiana calls a cluster of alveoli lobules, and each lobule consists of a lobe.

● Milk ducts

Each lobe connects with the milk ducts. In fact, you can have up to 20 lobes. One milk duct for every lobe. Milk ducts help in carrying the lobules of the alveoli to the nipple.

● Areola

it is a dark area that surrounds your nipple. It has sensitive nerve endings that let your body know when you should release milk. In order to release milk, the entire areola needs stimulation.

● Nipple

Did you know your nipple contains several tiny pores? Yes! They do up to 20. They help in secreting milk. The nerves surrounding your nipple respond to suckling either by your hands, baby, or a breast pump. With the help of the stimulation, you get a signal in your brain to release milk from the alveoli through the milk ducts and out of your nipple.

To give you a better understanding, think about the lactation system as a large tree. Your nipple is the trunk of the tree. The male dogs are the branches, and the leaves are the alveoli.

If you are having trouble lactating or lactating enough, then you can take the prescribed shatavari powder for breast milk. It helps stimulate better breast milk in an adequate amount.

Why do people lactate?

The main reason for people to lactate is to feed the baby. Lactation is a biological and hormonal occurrence during and after pregnancy to feed The baby. At that point in time, your body triggers specific hormones that initiate milk production and releasing of milk. Almost all mammals lactate for this purpose

When Do you lactate during pregnancy?

Automatically your body will prepare you for lactation by increasing the number of milk ducts in your breast. With the help of those milk ducts, you will be able to transport milk from the alveoli to the nipple. Almost midway through your pregnancy, your body will start making Colostrum which is the baby’s first milk.

Final Comments

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