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Laser Treatment For Urological Conditions

Laser Treatment For Urological Conditions

Medical advancement has helped every possible sector. And one of the most important is urology, which allows individuals to feel better and healthier about themselves. The laser treatment can effectively transform the patient’s overall health, whether the patient has BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), bladder stone, and kidney stone. Most importantly, the Laser treatment in Ludhiana, under the expertise of Dr. Jaspreet Singh Chhabra, will give you the most personalized care possible. The advancement in laser treatment helps the patient feel better about themselves. Laser surgery is minimally invasive, so the effectiveness and precision are much better.

Types of laser used in urology

The most advanced types of laser are:

  • Nd: YAG
  • Diode Lasers
  • Holmium (Ho): YAG
  • Thulium (Tm): YAG
  • KTP: YAG (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate)
  • LBO: YAG (Lithium Borate)

If you have kidney stones, then the doctor, first of all, checks your overall state. Afterward, tell you which type of  Kidney Stone Laser Surgery Treatment in Ludhiana you need to undergo. Make sure that you consult one of the best urologists in Ludhiana, Punjab, to get personalized treatment specially made to improve your overall well-being.

Three most important functions of laser surgery

A laser is a surgical tool that involves three basic functions:

  • Laser surgery focuses on a particular point to make necessary cuts.
  • A precise laser is used so it reduces the surgical trauma that will happen through a knife
  • The surface tissue gets vaporized. The surgeon has better control in overseeing everything in the body.

Benefits of laser surgery over traditional surgery

There are several benefits of laser treatment as compared to conventional approaches like:

  • Less invasive surgery
  • Minimal bleeding, swelling, scarring, or pain
  • Shorter recovery
  • Limited post-surgical side-effects
  • Increased precision
  • Better accuracy in terms of results
  • Reduced hospital stay

Treatment of Enlarged Prostate with laser in Punjab

Laser surgery for the prostate can effectively treat the symptoms of BPH(Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). The condition leads to prostate gland enlargement, which compresses the urethra and urine blockage. Due to BPH, there are the problem of:

  • Discomfort
  • Pain
  • Difficulty urinating

For Prostate laser surgery in Ludhiana, the urologist uses HoLEP (holmium laser enucleation). This kind of laser surgery gets categorized as minimally invasive surgery. Moreover, the patient does get relief from the symptoms like:

  • Fewer postoperative complications
  • Faster recovery

With the help of laser surgery, the problematic prostate tissue gets removed without incision. The precise helps to target the prostate tissue that’s causing urine blockage. So, the holmium laser helps cut away the part creating the problem.

Treatment of Kidney Stone with Laser in Punjab

Are you looking for kidney stone treatment in Ludhiana? The kidney stone laser treatment helps to target the part that causes urine blockage. Getting treatment for kidney stone is essential as it causes several adverse symptoms like:

  • Fever
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Any other serious health issue

There are a few kidney stones in which there’s no need for treatment as it gets passed from the body on their own. The kidney stone treatment with laser surgery in Punjab limits the complications and makes it all convenient for the patients to undergo surgery. The laser uses a procedure called ureteroscopy to remove kidney stones safely.

Ureteroscopy procedure for kidney stone

The ureteroscopy procedure works effectively for kidney stones and ureteric stones. That’s not all; the urologist in Ludhiana can suggest it for other urology-related conditions like:

  • Tumors
  • Cysts
  • Abnormal tissues
  • And many other problems

As an advanced procedure, the treatment does not require any incision. Through laser, the fiber breaks the stone into small fragments. Few stones get fragmented into dust, and some are removed through forceps or basked-shaped instruments. In most cases, the recovery time is less than the traditional approach.

Treating Prostate Cancer With Laser

Prostate cancer is a common cancer type that is effectively treated with an advanced approach. Moreover, there are different types of laser, and depending on your condition, the urologist suggests a critical approach.
One of the emerging laser treatments is focal laser therapy, which benefits patients with prostate cancer. The laser targets the necessary area to effectively handle the problem and help the patient feel better.

Laser Urology Specialist In Ludhiana, Punjab

Dr. Jaspreet Singh Chhabra: One of the known urologists in Ludhiana, Punjab, serves the patient with advanced urological care. Not just in his working experience, he has treated thousands of patients with all types of urology-related problems.

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