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Painless Normal Delivery In Ludhiana, Punjab

Painless Normal Delivery In Ludhiana, Punjab

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience that a woman gets to experience in her lifetime. The nine months of carrying her little munchkin in her womb is another kind of joy. Obviously! Every mother wants her child to come into this world peacefully so that she can enjoy life with her little one and make a lifetime of memories. Yet apart from the excitement, the women fear the delivery itself and how to bear the pain.
At Gynae & Uro Clinic, we make sure every woman gets to experience the most amazing journey. And that involves enlightening the pregnant women about Painless normal delivery and how it’s beneficial. Under the expertise of Dr. Gursimran Kaur, you will feel utmost relief to enjoy every step of your 40 weeks pregnancy journey.

First-Time Mothers Enjoy Pregnancy Through Painless Delivery

Thanks to modern technology, every person can make the most of every approach. And see the difference that it brings into our lives. One of the best and most effective alternatives over C-section is Painless Normal Delivery In Ludhiana, Punjab, at Gynae & Uro Clinic.
We are the epitome of bringing you the options and methods that lets you enjoy the pregnancy without experiencing pain. It makes it easier to give childbirth at the pain level that ‘YOU’ feel comfortable. Painless delivery (Epidural analgesia) is nothing less than a miracle for pregnant women in the present time and the coming future.

Painless Delivery Treatment in Punjab

Through regional anesthesia, painless delivery is possible to let the pain level go down while you are in your natural labor. When the gynaecologist suggests painless delivery in Ludhiana, the approach of epidural anesthesia works most effectively. What happens is the injection is administered into the lower back. Additionally, an epidural takes around 10 to 15 minutes to show its effect. If your pain-bearing capacity is way too low, painless delivery will be appropriate for you. The medical expert will enlighten you about the approach and how it’s suitable for you.

The procedure of administering epidural anesthesia

The medical expert will administer at the right time as needed. You need to sit still and keep your back arched while it’s given to you. The doctor will insert a thin tube into the lower back and lower part of the spinal cord. The doctor removes the needle, and the catheter is taped into the required place. During labor, epidural anesthesia is given.
Once you are in active labor, the process will begin and make the pelvic area numb. Please note that you cannot say it gives 100% pain relief. But yes makes the pain bearable to a great extent.

What are the benefits of Epidural?

Well, the Epidural has several benefits for women undergoing childbirth. Some of the major ones are:

  • Benefit 1: Experience of natural childbirth: Through painless normal delivery, natural childbirth experience. One of the stats has shown that the procedure helped bring down the total number of cases of C-sections.
  • Benefit 2: Works as pain management: Women who cannot bear the pain of childbirth can choose this option. No doubt, pushing can sometimes increase the chances of emergency & C-section. Therefore, the option of epidural makes an appropriate choice.
  • Benefit 3: Relax the muscles: The painless normal delivery increases the chances of the baby descending easily. The epidural work also includes relaxing vaginal and pelvic muscles.
  • Benefit 4: Don’t let BP get out of control: As the epidural works as pain control, the blood pressure won’t increase. Otherwise, complications during labor or the mother’s health can go down.

Please Note!

You should be transparent with the doctor and tell the gynae everything. And also, follow all the necessary suggestions to reduce any risk factors of epidural.


Does Epidural affect the pregnancy?

NO! There is no adverse effect of epidural, and it won’t harm you or your baby. Under the supervision of experienced anesthesiologists at Gynae & Uro Clinic, you will have peace of mind. It might leave a few normal side effects.

How long does the Epidural effect last on the body?

The Epidural does show its effect for a long time. The catheter is placed in the right place. Although, you can expect some numbness for 2 to 4 hours or depend on your given dose.

What are the situations where epidural is not suggested?

Some of the possible scenarios where a woman might not be a suitable candidate for administering an epidural are:

  • Use of blood thinners
  • Blood infection
  • Extremely low platelet count
  • Problem locating the right place for epidural
  • The cervix has not dilated up to 4 cm
  • Infection

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